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How to Create a Good Security CTF

I have been creating network and computer security ‘Capture the Flag’, or ‘CTF’, challenges for a number of years now. My latest job had me doing this full-time for events that would attract several thousand players. During this time my … Continue reading

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Windows XP Restore Points

I know XP is going the way of the Dodo, which is why I wanted to write this post. As blogs and posts update and keep up with the latest versions of Windows I find it harder and harder to … Continue reading

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Incident Response Process

Today I am going to discuss the basics of an Incident Response process. I did not create this, I would love to give credit to those who did! There are other variations out there, however they all follow the basic … Continue reading

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Hats Off Security Blog

Welcome to what I hope to be a technical and useful blog, I do tend to go off on tangents quite often, for example my spell checker doesn’t recognise ‘blog’ as a word….. ah well. This blog will be more … Continue reading

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