HatsOffSecurity on YouTube

We are re-engaging the Hats Off Security blog content onto YouTube. This means that instead of simply reading my insanity, you get to hear me say it instead.

Please head over to YouTube and take a look at this videos, and subscribe if you like the content.

Wait… Why aren’t there many videos?

This is a new project for me, and it takes significantly longer to create and edit videos than it does to write a blog post. I basically have to write the blog post, then record it, and edit it.

Over time more videos will be uploaded, but I am going to focus on making each video a higher quality than the previous one. The first ones may be a little rough, and there will 100% be some duds in there too (like the 2nd password short video)

Does that mean this blog is dead?

No.. although it hasn’t exactly been a hotbed of activity from me for some time. I will continue to use this platform for long form content that will enhance the YouTube experience.

Translated into English, that means I will be putting the technical (or boring) parts on here, as further reading for anyone who needs or wants it.

So what will this look like now?

Blog posts will be shorter and some may seem out of place without the video context. For example, I may put up a glossary of terms that I use in the video on here.

But I love reading your stuff!

Don’t worry you can still read my amazingly articulated anecdotes, while also listening to the soothing sound of my voice.

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